Our history starts when Macanthony Zimuzo Onwuneme third son of Methodist Church pastor Gilbert Mazi Onwuneme, was just about six years old; suddenly became sick onto Death. And during his sickness, a very big nail in a dream was pointed towards him from heaven to pin him down to Death, but a voice sounded, don’t touch that child for he is a vessel onto me. And the Arrow was immediatly diverted, sinking down in the earth and disappeared. Now in 1988 at the appointed time long after my repentance, God used a hight hand to draw me out of a great court case; knowing that i can  not live  my well paid job to begin a God called ministry of the gospel. During the court case, the Lord sent me to the forest where i stayed for three days in seeking his face in fasting and prayers. There his massage and call was so clear to me and immediatly after the fasting, the ministry and the Church was born even in the midst of my terrible problems and court case. The Church was born first at  n° 1 club road umuahia  Abia State capital in Nigeria. Since then the ministry is known by his evangelization of remote  villages and gentile cities teaching and training pastors and evangelists in the places and cities visited. Studied Coran and Bible in the university and Bible Schools for a clear practice of his vision. Since then the ministry have by the special grace of God converted thousands of souls who believed in Christ.